Preparation for Life

We believe that the best way to maximise the achievement of our pupils is to provide them with exciting, engaging lessons taught by first-class teachers and support this with facilities for private study that ensure that good work habits are developed outside the classroom. Our Academic Support department is also available to give advice on study methods.

Whilst A level results are clearly vital, universities and employers are looking for more than just academic success. To succeed in the outside world, people need to be resourceful and resilient, prepared to take the initiative as well as working in a team.

Our careers programme, with its range of visits, speakers, interviews, placements and advice, is designed to help our pupils consider the wide range of options that are possible after A levels so that they can make informed decisions about what to do next.

We also offer a challenging enrichment programme, with a mixture of activities that will stretch our pupils intellectually and make them assess their own strengths. Sixth formers also have the opportunity to adopt leadership roles such a prefect or house captain and the inter-personal and organisational skills involved in these positions are extremely valuable. Many of our sixth formers talk of giving back something to the community that has given them so much, and so they act as role models to which our younger pupils can aspire.

The strength in the community and qualities of the Sixth Form are very evident in that many return as Old Tettenhallians, to not only to see the staff and friends they have made, but also to give talks on their university course or career path, with some running interactive workshops focusing on the soft skills employers are looking for.

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