Leavers' Destinations

As you might expect from a school offering such a wide range of experiences and opportunities, our leavers go on to a variety of destinations.

Almost all go to UK universities, sometimes taking a year out to gain a wider experience of life before returning to their academic studies. There is also an increasing interest in apprenticeships, where studying whilst working for an employer provides a focused route to gaining a degree or other vocational qualification.

Destination of Leavers 2018

UK Universities:

Aberystwyth (University of)      - Drama and Theatre Studies

Aston University                       - Computer Science

Aston University                       - Psychology

Birmingham City University      - Sport and Exercise Science

Bristol (University of)                - Accounting and Finance

De Montfort University             - Accounting and Economics

East Anglia (University of)        - Biomedicine

Keele University                       - Biomedical Science

Keele University                       - Learning Disability Nursing

Kent (University of)                  - Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics

Manchester (University of)       - Economics

Manchester (University of)       - Management (Marketing)

Manchester (University of)       - Science

NCUK                                      - International Business, Accounting and Finance

Nottingham Trent University    - Business

Nottingham Trent University     - English and History

Sheffield (University of)           - International Business Management

Sheffield Hallam University      - Finance and Investment

Sussex (University of)              - Business, Management and Economics

University College London       - Chemical Engineering

Warwick (University of)            - Management

Warwick (University of)            - Physics

Wolverhampton (University of) - International Foundation Year in Social Sciences

Overseas Universities:

DIGI Pen,Institute of Technology, Bilbao                     - Video Game Design

RWTH, Aachen, Germany                                           - Mechanical Engineering

University of International Relations, Moscow              - Governance and International Relations


Other destinations:

Estate Agency                         - Higher Level Apprenticeship

Dudley College                        - Apprenticeship

Gap Year                                 - Teaching in Australia





Destination of Leavers 2017

UK Universities:


Aston University                       - Business & Supply Chain Management

Aston University                       - Mathematics

Aston University                       - International Business & Economics

Bath (University of)                  - Economics

Bedfordshire (University of)     - Performing Arts

Birmingham (University of)       - Economics & Political Science

Brunel University                      - Mechanical Engineering

Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts - Extended Diploma in Art & Design

Chester (University of)             - Business, Management & Marketing Management

Coventry University                  - Foundation Course in Art & Design

Keele University                       - Pharmacy

Kings College London              - Electrical Engineering with Management

Lincoln  (University of)             - Business Management with Professional Practice

Liverpool (University of)           - Geography

Manchester School of Art         - Foundation Diploma

Nottingham (University of)       - Biochemistry

Nottingham Trent University    - Spanish & Italian

Sheffield (University of)           - Biomedical Science

Warwick (University of)            - Economics


Overseas Universities:

University of Amsterdam          - Media & Information

University of Amsterdam          - Politics, Psychology, Law & Economics

University of Belgrade              – Psychology

University of Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland - International Business

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