Leavers' Destinations

As you might expect from a school offering such a wide range of experiences and opportunities, our leavers go on to a variety of destinations.

Almost all go to UK universities, sometimes taking a year out to gain a wider experience of life before returning to their academic studies. There is also an increasing interest in apprenticeships, where studying whilst working for an employer provides a focused route to gaining a degree or other vocational qualification.

Leavers' Destinations 2016

Aberystwyth University - Mathematical and Theoretical Physics

Birmingham City University - Foundation Engineering

Birmingham City University - Culinary Arts

Cardiff University - Mechanical Engineering

Coventry University - Product Design

Glasgow University - Psychology

Keele University - Law (Single Honours)

Keele University - Medicinal Chemistry (Major with 2nd subject)

Royal Holloway - Economics and Management

Staffordshire University - Electronic Engineering

Staffordshire University - Policing and Criminal Investigation

Warwick University - Theatre and Performance Studies

Wolverhampton University - Data Science

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