The House System

Our school is divided into four houses:

  • Bantock
  • Haydon
  • Nicholson
  • Pearson 

Every pupil belongs to a house, and our tutor groups are based on this system. Pupils have the opportunity to support their House by taking part in a variety of competitions, from quizzes and business enterprise to sports and performing arts.

They earn coloured tokens for academic achievement and the posting of these into the house-shaped boxes in the school’s foyer provides a quick and visual guide to which house is working hardest. 

The house system gives all of our pupils the opportunity to contribute and feel valued, and the range of competitions means that everyone can find something that they are good at. It also provides leadership opportunities for house and team captains and ensures that older and younger pupils work together for a common goal, reinforcing our strong sense of community.

In the senior school the rewards system has been reinvigorated alongside the house system, which is proving popular with the pupils. ISI Report

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