The Extended Day

This is a significant development in the schools extra-curricular provision that is extending the pupils opportunities to flourish in new and exciting ways. All pupils are expected to participate in this exciting compulsory programme.

Every Tuesday afternoon pupils in years 6, 7 and 8 will be involved in games activities from 3.10pm – 5pm. This will give the pupils extra time to prepare for our expanding and increasingly competitive fixture list.

Every Friday afternoon from 3pm – 5pm all pupils in years 6, 7, 8 and 9 will have a choice of activities. The extended day activities are for the whole term, some are free and some will be charged.

Every Friday afternoon from 4pm – 5pm all pupils in years 10, 11, 12 and 13 will also have a wide variety of activities to choose from. Many of the activities are based on developing further life skills, with the aim to give our pupils as broad and varied an education as possible. Pupils will be challenged and rewarded whilst gaining beneficial skills that can enhance their educational experience at Tettenhall College.


Years 6 - 9

If you are adventurous, enjoy challenges and are physically fit you will love this activity. It is available for all abilities.

Using qualified instructors from Wolf Mountain you will be instructed on how to climb safely. Helping you to improve your technique in bouldering and top roping you will quickly build your skill and confidence.  The range of walls available mean that it does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional, there will be climbs to challenge all levels. Throughout the term you will also have opportunities to take part in archery and indoor caving.


Years 6 - 9

If you enjoy cooking a range of foods and enjoy the pleasure of eating what you have made, you will thoroughly enjoy this activity. This is available for chefs of all levels.

Each week you will get the opportunity to make and cook a range of foods. Savoury and sweet dishes will be made with the help of your teachers and you will be guided to use technique and safety to make a dish that is not only tasty but appealing to the eye.


Years 6 - 13

Mrs Gwilt will help you to plant and grow fruit and vegetables on our very own allotment. You will learn about the seasons of the year and which vegetables can be gown during those seasons, how plants grow and the skills required to grow, cultivate and propagate plants.

During the year you will also get the chance to work on some wildlife projects within the school grounds, building and erecting bird boxes and animal shelters and gaining an awareness of the wildlife around us.


Year 6-9

If you are a keen cyclist who enjoys getting dirty, has a desire to improve your cycling skills and improve your fitness as well as taking part in a great fun activity then this is for you.

Mr Ellmore will stretch all abilities by gradually increasing the difficulty and distances of off-roading experiences on your own mountain bike. First of all using the tremendous school grounds and local area then progressing on to more demanding purpose made mountain bike trails.


Years 6 - 13

If you are a budding actor or wanting to perform on the stage in a professional play. This is the club for you.

Mr Bullough will help you to develop your acting skills and increase your confidence. He will guide you through a range of different acting themes. He will also be using these sessions as extra rehearsal time for those pupils who are in the school play.


Years 6 - 9

If you are keen to take part in a martial art that helps to encourage, skill, flexibility, dedication, concentration, discipline and control this is the sport for you.

Ikon martial arts has a fantastic reputation for excellent instruction and producing top quality athletes. Stennett Harvey is a 5th Dan Karate instructor who is capable of taking beginners quickly through their belts up to competitive standards in short periods of time. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a black belt Stennett will stretch all standards to perform their very best.


Year 6 - 9

Rookie lifeguard is a programme to give children the skills, knowledge and decision making skills to be safe in the water and to help save others. Pupils will learn valuable survival, rescue and sports skills. Your training will start at the Bronze award level and you will progress your skills up to the Gold award standard.


Year 10 –13 only

If you enjoy learning a broad range of skills, working as part of a team and want to prepare for the award scheme this activity is for you. No previous skills are required.

Mr Marshall will teach you a range of skills that are required to be successful in the award scheme. You will get the chance to cook using trangia stoves, erect a tent, learn navigation skills and work as part of a team.

This is a national qualification that is fantastic for your CV and is a highly regarded qualification by businesses and universities.


Year 10 - 13

RLSS UK’s  Survive and save programme is the lifesaving awards programme  for teens and adults. The awards are challenging but fun to complete and they are arranged into Bronze, Silver and Gold levels to ensure that you continue to develop your lifesaving skills as you progress through the awards. You will be taught lifesaving rescues, self-rescue, survival, lifesaving sport skills and also develop your swimming ability and fitness.

You must be able to swim more than 50 metres to join this club.


Year 10 - 13

The Open, the Masters, the Ryder Cup; start playing golf now and you could be there! Golf instructors will teach you the core skills required to start playing a round of golf, driving, chipping, putting will all be covered as well as learning the etiquette of the sport. The instructors will stretch all abilities so beginners and professionals are all welcome.


Year 6 - 13

If you are keen to express yourself in an artistic manner this club is for you. Each term will focus on a different artistic medium. It could be a mural covering a wall, it could be ceramics. There will be plenty to satisfy every artist’s needs.  


Years 6 – 8

Learn a life skill that can help save lives. Matron will guide you through a number of first aid skills to learn how to deal with various injuries. Practical lessons will make learning fun and memorable.

Areas covered are communication, calling an ambulance, assessment, first aid equipment, recovery position, cardiac resuscitation, choking, fainting, bleeding including using bandaging and slings, nose bleeds, asthma including asthma attacks and inhalers, bites and stings including EpiPen use, burns and scalds and head injuries.

This is a professional course organised by St Johns Ambulance and all successful candidates will receive a certificate.


Years 6 – 13

Learn to play a quick and challenging racket game. Squash is great for fitness and for coordination.

Instructors will teach you all the shots needed to perform in a competitive game, working on foot work, racket skills and using the angles of the walls.


Years 6 - 9

The riding instructors of The Mill Riding School will challenge all levels. Their fantastic facilities can cater for indoor and outdoor riding, from beginners to advanced riders


Years 10 -13

Set up a business, develop essential skills in business and entrepreneurship in a practical, fun and innovative way. How much money can you make?


Year 12 only

The extended project qualification provides an opportunity for pupils to extend their abilities beyond the A-Level syllabus, stand out and prepare for university or their future career. It can also be used to earn extra UCAS points.


Year 10 – 13

Be part of a production team, writing, producing, filming, performing and editing a short film to be uploaded to the new school website. You will have the opportunity to experience and learn a variety of skills. If you are keen on media studies, filming, and producing this activity will get your creative skills flowing.


Year 12 only

Work with real engineers to solve a problem, design and make a prototype and present your full report to a professional panel of engineers at the assessment day. You will need to be dedicated and self-motivated to complete this task.

This scheme lasts two terms and includes a residential stay at a university and some days working with a local engineering company. This is a fantastic opportunity for those pupils who really enjoy problem solving, design and engineering.


Year 12 only

You will be part of a partnership of individuals and the school, investing money on shares on the open market. You will need to consider carefully who you invest with and how much you invest. Your judgement and research will be vitally important if you wish to make a profit. You need to consider the growing market and falling markets, when to buy and when to sell.


Year 6 – 11

From the mythological founding in the year 756 BC to the fall of the Republic and the establishment of the empire.

Pupils will have the chance to chart Rome's past from a humble trading village to one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen.

The course will focus on the following key moments or themes:  Romulus and Remus and the creation of the Roman Kingdom, the rape of Lucretia, the removal of Tarquin the Proud by Brutus, the creation of the Roman Republic. The Roman military, Gaius Marcius Coriolanus, Appius Claudius and the rape of Verginia, the Twelve Tables,  Vestal Virgins and religion, first sack of Rome by the Gauls, architecture, the Samnite Wars  the battles between Scipio Africanus & Hannibal, the Gracchi Brothers and political reform, the bloody dictatorship of Lucius Cornelius Sulla, the legal system and Marcus Tullius Cicero, the assassination of Caesar, Civil war with Cleopatra, Marcus Antonius, Brutus, and Gaius Octavius. The establishment of the first Emperor.

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