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Pupils at the School know how lucky they are, and the Charity Committee organises fund raising events in order to support a range of charities.

Pupils in the Lower Sixth have the challenge of setting up and running The Charity Committee and although the decision making process is led by members of the committee, with some guidance from staff, pupils of all ages get involved by helping or taking part.

Organising an event can be a big job, involving planning, booking facilities, arranging volunteers, advertising and liaising with the charities who are to be beneficiaries. The pupils are dedicated and committed, giving up a lot of their free time to help others.

In return, they develop their skills of organisation and teamwork and can take great pride in what they achieve. Each year the donations that are made run to many thousands of pounds.

The events are wide-ranging; cake and book sales are always popular, and sporting competitions help to work off the extra calories from the cakes! Staff, pupils and parents and their pets run around in Santa suits on the annual Santa run. The talent show is always a sell out and always reveals surprise talents that may not have come to light in other forums. At Christmas, children wrap and donate gifts to put under a “giving tree” to be handed out to children who face difficult circumstances.

This year’s charities include:

  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital
  • Birmingham Dogs Home
  • Kat’s Cradle
  • Combat Stress  
  • Beacon Centre for the Blind

Pupils throughout the school community enthusiastically support local and national charities in whole-school fund raising activities which engage the pupils and enhance the inclusive atmosphere in the school. ISI Report 

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