Physical Education

PE was just fun in Prep School, lots of different sports to try, from swimming, ball skills, netball and rounders. Meeting with others schools to play fixtures and put into practice what we had learnt P.E bought out my competitive nature which has become more prevalent in Senior School where we continued to have fun and build on our skills, identify our strengths and build on our potential to be winners in a wide range of sports.  Better Never Stops at TC as we build a reputation for playing hard and fair and most importantly being true sportsmen and women.                      

Both curriculum and examination PE opens up the world of sport, pupils are encouraged to immerse themselves in sports and PE with the chance to perform, coach and officiate. It also gives pupils skills for a modern world, by developing a range of practical skills, including communication using appropriate language, dealing with pressure, split second decision-making, analysing and evaluating performance. This complete grounding in the subject provides a fantastic base from which to build when they move on to higher education, employment or further training.

A base in sport gives a multitude of career possibilities, such as professional athlete, sports psychology, sports coach/teacher/lecturer and sports marketing/media.


The year 7 to 9 pupils are exposed to a multitude of sports and activities: - swimming, basketball, health related fitness, badminton, athletics, handball, gymnastics, outdoor education, volleyball and tennis. All pupils are also assessed using our multi-functional sports test throughout the each year so they can see where improvement is required or has been made.



Pupils will have 3 lesson per week. Year 10 is split into the following topics: - health, fitness and well-being, sport psychology, applied anatomy and physiology, physical training, and practical performance. The year 11 topics are movement analysis, socio-cultural influences, planning and executing a personal exercise programme whilst continuing with practical performance.


Pupils will have 5 lessons per week. Throughout the A level course we aim to give them a well-rounded and full introduction to the world of PE, sport and sports science. There are 8 separate strands that are covered throughout year 12 and 13, applied anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, skill acquisition, sports psychology, sport and society and contemporary issues in physical activity and sport. For the practical element the pupils choose a single sport for which they will be assessed. They also complete an evaluation and analysis of performance for improvement, where they get to apply all of their theoretical knowledge they have gleaned from the course to a practical situation.


A thriving sports fixture calendar with other independent schools in a wide variety of sports, enables our pupils to experience new sports to complement their own specialisations. As part of the Independent Schools Association we are able to give our best pupils access to regional and national events. We also take part in sports tours and trips to watch professional fixtures.


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