All pupils are required to study mathematics to GCSE level. Mathematics is a challenging subject requiring pupils to be adaptable and determined in order to solve a variety of interesting and interlinked problems. 


GCSE will cover the following main content areas:

Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion, Rates of Change, Geometry, Probability and Statistics.


What will I study?

We offer AS and A levels in mathematics and further mathematics. The aim is to provide a solid foundation in the key areas of mathematical study where you will be encouraged to solve difficult equations, think independently, apply logical arguments and apply mathematics to real life problems. All mathematics pupils study: Pure mathematics Statistics Mechanics Further mathematics pupils also study: Decision mathematics Further Pure Mathematics.


How will I be assessed?

Assessment is modular. Three modules are required to achieve an AS qualification and six modules are required for a full A level. Separate modules are required for BOTH qualifications in Mathematics and Further Mathematics. See separate leaflet for details of the modules you will take.


What careers could it lead to?

Our pupils have gone on to study at Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial, London School of Economics, UCL, and Bath University in recent years. They become mathematicians, scientists, medics, engineers, accountants, statisticians, accountants, software developers…


Trips combine with economics to include:

Sixth form trip abroad where we visit a number of businesses to view their operations. Venues include: Berlin, Prague, Barcelona, Budapest and Brussels.

KS4 trips to Chester Zoo (for Marketing and Human Resource Management) and Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull.

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