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Planning and Support for pupils with SEND are excellent. Pupils individual learning is well catered for because of the adaptable and flexible approach of staff. - ISI

‘A thorough process is followed to ensure that children with SEND can have their needs met at Tettenhall College before a place is offered. The College has staff with the expertise in carrying out thorough assessments allowing additional support and tuition to be in place to meet each pupil’s special educational needs.’ - Crested


Tettenhall College Academic Support Department recognises the importance of providing a high quality provision for our pupils. We know the importance of each pupil being assessed as an individual and pupils are given support strategies whilst capitalising on their strengths and addressing their individual learning needs.

We are a CResTed school that is recognised internationally for the support we can provide our pupils whether they are from the UK or overseas.

At Tettenhall College, we adhere to the Equality Act (2010) and Independent Schools Council (ISC) recommendations, where we recognise that ‘reasonable adjustments’ need to be made to fully meet the needs of our pupils.

We also follow the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) Code of Practice 2015 using their ‘assess-plan-do-review’ policy as a way of ensuring provision for each pupil is effective, holistic and, wherever possible, multi-sensory. We involve parents (guardians), as well as pupils, in each step of the process, allowing time to meet and discuss strategies to support the individual before creating an Intervention Plan, which will show the level of support required.


Leading the Department

Mrs Abi Davies (Head of Prep Academic Support) and Mrs Beth Jackson (Head of Senior Academic Support) are both specialist teachers who are qualified to carry out a wide range of observations and psychometric assessments. These can give a comprehensive picture of individual needs and can also be used to grant Examination Access Arrangements for external examinations; such as GCSE and A Levels.


We have 3 levels of support which are used to identify levels of need for each pupil:

Wave 1- Quality First Teaching: As stated in the new SEND Code of Practice every pupil, whether they have SEND or not, should have a high quality of differentiated teaching.

Wave 2- Pupils still find aspects of learning difficult and will complete assessments with the Head of Academic Support (senior or prep, depending on year group) to identity where learning needs to be supported. An intervention can then be put in place.

Wave 3- Pupils are seen as needing more specialised support and external agencies such as Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologist and CAMHS may be consulted. (Some of these may be at an additional cost to parents). Pupils at this level may have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) from a Local Authority.


We are happy to advise parents of which professionals to contact when we feel that a pupil needs a more focussed, higher level of intervention.


We currently have pupils with a range of needs, covering all 4 areas of SEND

  • Communication and Language
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Sensory and Physical
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health


Highly qualified teaching staff and two teams of teaching assistants that are based within the prep and senior schools give support.

Pupils are supported in class by TAs who are timetabled in to lessons and work alongside the class teacher to ensure success in reaching targets, as set out in Individual Pupil Plans. If the need is greater, pupils attend small group interventions, which allow for focussed learning within the specialist teaching rooms of the Department.

The academic support staff work closely with the pastoral and academic staff to ensure that pupils are supported and motivated. In this way we can create a ‘team around the child’ that, with parental/ guardian support, ensures that we have the emotional, pastoral and academic well-being of each individual child as our focus.




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