Assessment and Progress

The assessment of our pupils takes many different forms in Prep School so that we can best plan individual progress for each child. From Early Years profiles which build a comprehensive picture of capabilities, strengths and potential to KS2 formal assessments carried out to compare each child’s progress against national standards.

Our small groups enable teaching staff to clearly identify the needs and aspirations of all of our learners through constant reflection and feedback – the essential foundation for full and proper assessment.

Pupils in Years 3 to 6 have regular Grade Cards sent home which detail a child’s attitude to their learning, their participation in activities and their commitment to homework tasks. This information is tracked internally and used to support and congratulate pupils in equal measure. Award certificates are presented after each grade card for those pupils earning the highest levels.

We write two full reports for all pupils each year which outline strengths and achievements. We point pupils in the direction of further successes and deeper understanding. Alongside our formal Parents’ Evenings, the reports enable staff to share with parents how well each child has progressed against expectations and what they need to do next to sustain this growth.

Our pupils do extremely well in tests that compare knowledge and understanding against national outcomes, and we pride ourselves on making sure that our curriculum prepares them well for these assessments without teaching to the test.

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