Welcome to the Prep School

Martin Luther King said “Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”. At Tettenhall College Preparatory School developing both hearts and minds is central to our mission. Our small groups and wonderful environment allow us to cultivate the energy, curiosity, compassion and ambition we know to be in every child.

I feel incredibly privileged to lead the Preparatory School, blessed as we are with wonderful pupils, families and staff. My perspective is an unusual one - having spent over 20 years teaching teenagers in secondary education - the pupils in Prep School are an absolute revelation to me in spontaneity, in fun, in dynamism and in a readiness to absorb everything they are taught, shown or listen to. The sense of opportunity in our school is palpable. It enabled me to discover passions I did not know I had and, I believe very strongly, it offers the same to every pupil in our community. 

My ambition is to ensure that every child seizes the wide opportunities an independent education offers, enabling them to blossom into well rounded individuals ready to thrive in a fluid future.

Choosing the right school for your child is a complex and important decision, for as Plato wrote: “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life”. The facts about excellent academic performance, the beautiful location, lovely classrooms and facilities, and passionate teaching staff are all evident to see. There is also though a tangible sense of our optimism, our direction and our commitment which are best experienced in person. I remember my first visit to the School and how I left feeling like this was home - many current parents feel the same way, and the decision to entrust their children to our care was a far more straightforward one as a result.

You know your own child’s needs best, and only you will understand whether Tettenhall College is the right choice. I recommend that you come and experience the Preparatory School for yourself to more fully understand all that we are, and hope that when you visit I might then be able to welcome you home.

Simon Wrafter

Head of the Preparatory School


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