Years 3-6; Individual, Inspirational

Years 3 to 6: individual, inspirational

Our Key Stage 2 curriculum is unique and one of which we are very proud. It is designed to help each pupil achieve their very best, and to do so whilst finding new passions and interests.

We focus on delivering core subjects, English, mathematics and science, throughout the morning with a timetable of physical, creative and practical subjects each afternoon. Our English and mathematics results are excellent – please follow the link to see how we did last summer in national tests. These lessons are delivered every day by our highly qualified staff.

Children study both French and Spanish with specialist language teachers throughout this Key Stage, and other languages such as Mandarin and Latin are optional through our Boat Programme.

Our provision for humanities subjects is excellent, with a themed approach ensuring that topics are examined in depth from geographic, historic and social perspectives. We also forge links with other subject areas such as English or art and design – encouraging children to over-learn and understand the greater complexities and subtleties of each area of study.

Many of these cross-discipline opportunities are complemented with digital learning: our School blog, e-books, animations and film all play a part in engaging pupils fully in their work. All pupils are taught programming from Year 1 up, and gradually develop an excellent understanding of computing science in readiness for further specialised teaching in Senior School.

Music and performing arts, computing, art and design and all sport lessons are delivered by subject specialists. Children really benefit from their teachers’ expertise and participate fully in our team and House events, clubs such as Digital Leaders, academic challenge such as English Speaking Board Examinations and competitions which have included visual arts, singing and national sports events.

Forest School is an integral part of each child’s experience – lying as it does at the centre of our broad, challenging curriculum. Please follow the link to find out more about our provision of sports, performing arts and Forest School.

Our Boat Programme has been designed to emphasise our focus on the individual, their needs, their passions and their potential.

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