Pre School and Nursery

An unbeatable Start

Provision for the youngest Tettenhallians is excellent. Our staff, facilities and ethos are second to none in the area and the learning journey pupils start here lays the foundation for bright futures. 

Each individual has a carefully created profile of their development that enables teachers to respond to their needs within a caring, family atmosphere. This profile is shared with parents online and we encourage parental contributions when recording their child’s development at home.

As an independent school, we have tailored a traditional and flexible curriculum that introduces phonics and handwriting skills at the appropriate point for each child. Reading is an essential part of the school day, and a passion for books is instilled from the earliest age whilst music and instrumental lessons start in Nursery class and French is gently introduced into the Reception year. 

We stimulate and deepen children’s interest with visiting authors and theatre groups, trips out of class and workshops back in school.

The contribution of the early years provision to children's well-being is outstanding. ISI Report

We use our beautiful environment to inspire all ages in the Early Years, and outdoor play forms an important part of each child’s development and learning. From wellie walks and building igloos to bug hunts and building dens there are plenty of chances for children to explore – whatever the weather, we want our children to shine.

Amongst the many highlights in the academic year are the Early Year’s Christmas Nativity Plays which star all of the children. The opportunity to perform on stage is something we cherish for each Tettenhallian throughout their school life; encouraging confidence, camaraderie, discipline and much excitement.

Our Early Years provision can be tailored to offer parents flexible hours, with crèche facilities opening from 8:00am and closing at 6:00pm, and an optional Breakfast Club which starts at 7:30am.




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