Excellence for all

              EXCELLENCE FOR ALL 

We invest in small classes, highly qualified, specialist staff and our excellent facilities to help us ensure that each individual is enabled to reach their full potential. We are a proudly non-selective School, and one where we work very hard to meet the needs of each child in our community.

Children develop at a unique pace, and one often different to their classmates. This might be academically or socially, physically or emotionally. We differentiate pupil learning carefully throughout the whole School: whether addressing the needs of the gifted child or the one in need of intervention and learning support.


As a small school, we offer flexible support for our most able pupils – tailoring the extra-curricular offer or adjusting our teaching approach for instance. We have enrichment programmes in place for those individuals who need further stretch academically and we monitor their progress very closely. Our reward system is engineered to celebrate the success of those who achieve academically, and we proudly present Commendations and Head’s Commendations to those deserving of such recognition.

With so many subject specialists, we have a good track record of supporting the excellent mathematician, linguist, artist, singer or sport-star to encourage their knowledge and ability to flourish. We also support those children who wish to apply for Academic or specialist Scholarships to Senior School when the time is right.


Our Academic Support Department carries out careful assessments, where required, to identify the specific learning needs of individuals who would benefit from their skilled intervention. Pupils with identified extra needs will be offered one of 3 waves of support:

Wave One intervention will identify their needs and targets for teaching staff to monitor, apply and review in their normal teaching. Extra differentiation will be necessary and thought about how to enable this child to access their learning fully.

Wave Two intervention may offer out of class support in small group sessions – perhaps speech and language development, or gross motor skill sessions. Wave Two pupils will also have clear targets to help them achieve their best, and possibly targeted TA support in class to help too.

A Wave Three child will probably have an EHCP or similar, clear structure for support. Possibly a full time TA to help the child fully access the curriculum, or a high level of in-class support.


All children are encouraged to apply an explicit set of Learning Attitudes we have designed, as we know that these offer all a route to success academically. Each child receives a sticker whenever they demonstrate one of these attitudes in their learning or behaviour, and we encourage a healthy sense of competition in earning a sticker by announcing the leading sticker counts in our weekly assemblies.

We expect children to be ready to learn, responsible in their learning, respectful in their attitude, resilient in their approach and reflective in their thinking. Our characters ensure that this language and these ideas are accessed by even the youngest pupils.


Learning attitudes



We have an ongoing Honour Roll of those pupils who have achieved excellence in all areas of School life. They will have earned excellent Grade Card results, demonstrated exemplary behaviour, produced high quality work, worn their uniform smartly, been well organised and shown us what a super character they are. Honours Pupils receive a special certificate and wear their Honours badge with pride in recognition of their efforts and success.


Our Year 1 to 6 pupils are assessed termly against national standards in both English and mathematics. We track progress in these tests carefully, but appreciate that the best assessment of each child come from the relationship they have with their teacher. Our teaching staff have a comprehensive understanding of where each individual is in terms of knowledge and understanding - as a result of both our small groups and the excellent standard of teaching we provide. Follow the link below to see some of our most recent nationally standardised test results.

Assessment in prep school



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