Pre-A Level Course

What is the pre-a level course?

A specialised course to help international pupils prepare for A Level study. Pupils can undertake from 1-4 terms, depending on their level of English. 

The course is designed to offer you more intensive English language teaching and to sample some of the subjects that can be chosen for A Level study. It is possible for Pre-A level pupils to enter some GCSE examinations where appropriate.

Pre-A Level pupils receive at least 30 programmed hours of lessons each week, 7 of which will be intensive language lessons. Pupils also take part in a full games programme. A Pre-A Level Science Programme is also taught so that pupils are better placed to choose sciences for further study.

Who is it for?

Pupils who are 16 or 17 years old and wish to prepare for A Level study in a single year by improving their English and subject knowledge. Pupils start in January, August or September, receive 30 lessons per week and will need to show a good proficiency in English that will be tested on entry to the School and at interview alongside consideration of school reports.

international summer term - August

All international pupils aged 11-17 are encouraged to join our international Summer term, which runs in August each year.

This month is dedicated to helping international pupils develop their English language skills and cultural awareness before the other pupils return to School in September. 

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