Health and Wellbeing


Meals are served in the dining room, where a great variety of options are available. All your meals are provided, and are freshly cooked on site. The food is first class, healthy and delicious, with lots of choice so that you can enjoy mealtimes shared with good friends. You help yourself, so you can decide what you would like. If you need a special diet, we can cater for that too. We hold international food festivals, where boarders cook for each other, sharing cultures and traditions as well as a new cuisine. We know that birthdays are special, and we celebrate these as a family.


Pastoral and medical

Our Houseparents are supported by a number of resident tutors who are always available to give you additional advice and support, making being away from home that much easier for you. House Prefects are always on hand to help out, and provide a sympathetic ear if it all feels a bit strange. We have fully qualified nurses on site too and a sick bay in case you feel unwell. All our boarders are registered with our local, trusted doctor's surgery and any appointments necessary will be accompanied by a member of the medical staff here at the School.



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