Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about life at Tettenhall College as a boarder with some of our frequently asked questions below:

  • How will my child stay in touch with me? We realise the importance of keeping in touch with family and friends during your child's time with us. Wi-Fi is available for use on laptops and mobile phones and email address to use with School computers will be provided too. There is a landline available in School House if required.
  • What kind of textbooks and school equipment should my child bring? Children should bring a pencil case with pens, pencils, colouring pens, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler set and calculator along with a ruled pad of paper. However, all these may be purchased form the School stationery shop in the library, so everything needed may be purchased after arrival.
  • Are health records required? Yes, we will send a number of documents for you to complete and return. A medical form will be among these and we ask that it is returned with all vaccination information included.
  • How many sets of uniforms are required? 1 blazer, 2 pairs of trousers, 1 tie, 1 or 2 jumpers and 3 – 4 shirts should be plenty. As we have our uniform shop on site, any more items required may be purchased very quickly. Laundry is done regularly so the above should be sufficient.
  • Where can sportswear be purchased? This can be purchased form the School uniform shop, however football boots, trainers and shin pads will need to be brought from home or a local shop once your child arrives.
  • Will my child be able to choose which sports to take part in and what are the options? In Year 9, pupils have 3 hours of games each week where traditional sports are played, rugby in the Winter, football in the Spring and cricket in the Summer. There is also an hour of PE each week where pupils take part in sports such as swimming, badminton, squash, cross country, athletics and tennis. In addition to these sports your child will also be able to join various sports clubs such as swimming, basketball and fencing. There is also the extended day on a Friday where children select an activity each term that they would like to take part in every Friday afternoon. There are various sporting choices such as golf, mountain biking, horse riding, and rock climbing, alternatively they may like to choose cooking, drama, gardening, art or first aid.
  • Are students in Year 9 allowed to choose subjects? If so, what subject choices are there? Are there compulsory subjects for Year 9? No, in Year 9 children will study all subjects, maths, English, chemistry, physics, biology, art, religious studies, history, geography, PE, music, art, drama, PHSE, electronics and business studies and ICT. In Year 10, pupils are able to choose which GCSEs they wish to take. The core subjects – English, maths and the sciences are compulsory, other subjects may be chosen.
  • May my child bring their own laptop? Yes, pupils are welcome to bring their own laptop.
  • Is it possible to study German instead of French? We currently only offer French and Spanish on the timetable However, we would arrange for additional German tuition if this is required. This would take place outside of the normal timetable and would incur an additional charge from the tutor.
  • How will my child be helped to settle in when they arrive? The arrival programme follows a similar format each year. Upon arrival, new boarders and their parents will meet other new boarders and their families as well as staff at an informal welcome gathering over refreshments. There are tours of the School and its' grounds; as well as visits to Tettenhall village and opportunities to purchase uniform and meet with surgery staff. Team building activities are organised which will help your child bond with other pupils. Our annual HUB challenge is an event all boarders enjoy. There will also be an afternoon trip to a bowling alley or similar fun activity. After the first few settling in days, you child will feel far more relaxed and ready for the first day of the School term.
  • Are parents able to accompany their child in the boarding house on their first day? Yes, when they arrive, parents are able to help their child unpack and settle in. There are also opportunities to meet with staff and spend time in the School grounds.
  • Is there an official opening of the school year with the presence of parents? No, we don’t have an official opening. We do hold a Prizegiving day in May to which all parents are invited, normally just before the Summer half term.
  • When international students arrive at Tettenhall College are their passports taken and do they receive student cards, certifying that they are studying at the School? We will take copies of all children’s passports but we return them to pupils. There are lockable cabinets in all rooms in which to keep valuable items. They do not receive a student card as these are not required in England.
  • Can my child bring their own sheets, a pillow and a blanket? We do provide all bed linen, however, pupils are more than welcome to bring their own belongings to make their room feel more homely.
  • Is there an ATM on the School premises? There is no ATM on the School site. The nearest one is at Lloyds Bank in the village, which is just a 1 minute walk from the School gate.
  • Is it possible pay with a card at the School Coffee Shop? The on-site coffee shop only accepts cash payments.
  • Is my child allowed to bring a bicycle? Yes, we will let the Housemaster know so that it may be stored securely.
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