Find out more about life at Tettenhall College as a boarder with some of our frequently asked questions below:

Where will I live?

Boy boarders live in School House and girls in Thorneycroft house. Both houses have social areas and a kitchen as well as bedrooms, so there is space to relax and chat to your friends, make a drink or rustle up a snack. Meals are served in the dining room, where a great variety of options are available. Both houses are securely within the School grounds, and our beautiful 33-acre site gives you space to explore, play games and relax. Most rooms are for two people, so you won’t be lonely. There is space for you to do schoolwork, and you can make the room feel like yours by bringing things from home. It’s amazing how a bright duvet cover and a few posters can make all the difference!

What about food?

All your meals are provided, and are cooked fresh on site. The food is first class, healthy and delicious, with lots of choice so that you can enjoy mealtimes shared with good friends. You help yourself, so you can decide what you would like. If you need a special diet, we can cater for that too. You can use the house kitchen too, so that you can prepare some of your own meals as well. We hold international food festivals too, where boarders cook for each other, sharing cultures and traditions as well as a new cuisine. We know that birthdays are special, and we celebrate these as a family.

Who will look after me?

The housemaster and house mistress are in charge. They are experienced and have their own families, so they understand what it is like to be a teenager and will take care of you as part of their TC family. Other members of staff will help, and there is always a member of staff on duty in case you need them. House prefects are always on hand to help out, and provide a sympathetic ear if it all feels a bit strange. We have fully qualified nurses on site too and a sick bay in case you feel unwell.

What evening and weekend activities are there?

After school has finished, you have some free time so that you can relax before doing your prep. The village is right on the doorstep, so you can use this time to go for a walk, browse in the shops and enjoy the atmosphere of our pretty location. Once prep has finished you can use the school facilities to play sport, practice your music or just take it easy in the house. At weekends boarders are allowed to go out and visit the surrounding area, and there are good transport links to Wolverhampton, Birmingham and the huge Merry Hill shopping centre. Boarders below year 10 must be accompanied if they are leaving the site.

At weekends the boarding house organise a wide range of things to do. Boarders take part in dragon boat races, murder mystery nights, barbeques, quizzes and movie nights, to name but a few. Visits are arranged to all sorts of places of interest, so that you can explore Britain much more widely than you could on your own. Oxford, Bath, London and Manchester are popular destinations, but the programme of activities changes regularly. Cinema and theatre visits are arranged too, so you needn’t miss out on the latest releases.

How can I stay in touch?

We realise just how important it is for boarders and families to be able to contact each other. Wi Fi is provided in both houses and boarders are encouraged to keep their families up to date at every step of their exciting new adventure.

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