Scholarships & Bursaries

At Tettenhall College we offer a range of Scholarships and Bursaries


We offer Scholarships to children in Senior School who are particularly gifted and can demonstrate their exceptional ability. Scholarships offer a discount off our tuition fees and are awarded to children following an assessment: 


This is awarded to children who perform exceptionally well in assessment tests, demonstrating an excellent academic standard whilst also impressing the Headmaster with their all-round ability, personality and dedication to their education.  


Awarded to children who can demonstrate a high level of sporting ability, participation and sportsmanship, particularly in the School's main sports. 


Awarded to children following an assessment of their ability and where they can demonstrate a commitment to and passion for drama.


This is awarded to children who can demonstrate an exceptional ability and passion for art during an assessment and a review of their artwork portfolio.


Awarded to children who are able to demonstrate an exceptional musical ability via an assessment and their achievement of Grade certificates. Music Scholars should be prepared to learn a new instrument as required by the School. 

For further information on Scholarships, their assessment criteria and how to apply, please contact our Registrar.


Bursaries are offered to children from lower income families and are means tested rather than ability based. Families whose total income is below £60,000 can apply for a bursary by completing a financial circumstances form. The amount of the bursary will vary according to individual circumstances and will offer a contribution towards the tuition fees.


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