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Excellent GCSE Results for Tettenhall College!

Tettenhall College pupils were celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results today, with well over half of the grades awarded at A*-B or 9-6.

Headmaster David Williams praised the efforts of pupils against a background of significant change.

27 per cent of pupils achieved Grades A*/A or 7 to 9 and over 50 per cent of the cohort achieved nine or more grades A* to C or 9 to 4.

72 per cent of pupils achieved five or more including English, maths and English as an additional language (for international pupils). 

There were standout performances from Orla Shipway with 5 A * 3 A 1-8 2-7, Aaron Jhooty with 3 A*, 4A, 1-8 and 2-7, Lewis Clarke  2 A* 5 A 1-9 2-7 and Amrita Clair with  1 A *. 7 A 1-7 1-6 1-5.

Mr Williams said: "Firstly, the pupils are to be congratulated on their efforts, especially in this year of significant changes in examination styles and grading systems. Tettenhall College welcomes pupils of all abilities, some of whom are also from overseas, so we are extremely pleased with all our results, which prove the value of our small class sizes.

"Our dedicated staff ensure each pupil fulfils his or her potential and I would also like to thank parents for their ongoing support."

The GCSE successes follow on from last week's A Level group who achieved 65% A*-B grades and 33% A*-A and contributed to the School's growing reputation in the area and internationally.  

Tettenhall College is a non-selective school and we welcome children of all academic levels. 

We have a strong reputation for the quality of our teaching throughout our School, from the initial love of learning that is developed in our younger pupils to the A level courses in which our Sixth Formers shine. Lessons are geared to stimulate and stretch pupils at all levels, and teachers effectively gauge individual ability and personal strengths to encourage the fulfilment of every pupil's potential.

Our aim is to ensure that our pupils achieve the very best they are capable of and we strongly believe that schools should not be judged purely on exam results – nor indeed should young people.

Preparatory School

The assessment of our pupils takes many different forms in Preparatory School so that we can plan the best way to achieve individual progress for each child. This ranges from Early Years profiles which build a comprehensive picture of capabilities, strengths and potential, to formal assessments in Years 1 to 6 which compare each child’s progress against national standards.

English, reading and mathematics are at the heart of our curriculum and are taught daily throughout the morning whilst our science classes, taught in the modern Prep School laboratory, now include an engineering focus. Despite the variety of opportunities available, core subjects continue to account for 60% of the curriculum at the School. 

With 45% of Key Stage 2 pupils achieving higher or significantly higher than expected results in English and 34% accomplishing the same in mathematics in 2016, the success of our pupils far exceeds the national expectation of 16%”.  

Senior School

Like their younger counterparts, our Senior School pupils achieve excellent academic results, and we are incredibly proud of our pupils’ academic achievements. However, there is far more to a "TC education" than just exam grades. Data shows that we add a tremendous amount of value to our pupils' academic potential and on average each pupil achieves around one grade higher at Tettenhall College than they would otherwise have expected.

We want to help any prospective parent make an informed decision about our School and with this in mind we would add a word of caution when looking at school league tables.  Different league tables apply different criteria for assessing schools – some will exclude certain qualifications or choose different measures by which to rank schools, some schools will not enter results for the full cohort of their student body, all of which can be very confusing for parents who are trying to make an informed choice about a school. 

League tables do not take into account the impressive higher education destinations of our leavers or the wonderful array of leadership opportunities they experience here. Neither do they measure the exceptional co-curricular opportunities or how prepared our pupils are for the workplace and further education.  We are extremely proud of  the compassion, confidence and enthusiasm that our pupils have for life, their careers, their friends and their families, none of which can be measured in a league table. 

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